IT Assessments

Concentus provides detailed on-site Assessments of your systems and infrastructure and will provide a thorough examination of the following areas (sampling):

  • Network connectivity, including LAN and WAN Internet access and broadband performance.
  • WLAN site audits with RF heat mapping and performance analysis.
  • Network hardware including switches, wireless access points, routers, firewalls, etc.
  • Each server’s hardware, software, configuration, security settings, and general health.
  • Every major network service available, including Active Directory, IP services (DNS, DHCP, WINS), file and printer sharing, network databases, email/groupware systems, web services, terminal services, and any specific line of business applications.
  • Application usage, existing integration, and recommendations on configuration and improved performance.
  • Backup (data and system) and disaster recovery policies and systems.
  • Select client PC’s representing each major configuration, as well as the process for rolling-out and managing clients.
  • Supporting peripherals as present, including but not limited to local and network printing.
  • IT policies and procedures, communication protocols, and IT documentation.
  • If required, interviews with IT department members and select administrators and staff.

Upon the completion of the Assessment, Concentus will deliver a full report outlining the findings of the Assessment, possible solutions to major problems identified, and suggestions for future planning, growth, and performance. Pricing varies – please contact us for more information.

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