YOUR Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


Leveraging our hosting or colocation offerings, we can be your DR and CoOp site.

We are able to collocate client owned vSphere hosts, for clients seeking a cost effective fixed price DR target. We can fully snmp monitor the host and provide IPsec VPN back to the client campus/LAN and assist in regular offiste replicatoin of your VMDKs and VMX files.

We can also automate the failvoer process with a partner software package, so that the sandbox VMs can be routinely tested. The software automates the NIC IPs and DNS changes need to have your site VMs respawn properly in our infrastructure. This software produces a report with the RTO and RPO achieved (and achievable) so you can provide your stakeholders with concrete metrics on how long it would take to failover and what can be done to modify settings and systems to achieve shorter RTO and RPOs.

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