Wireless LAN

We see more data growth on our clients’ Wireless LANs (WLANs) than on their wired networks. The explosion of tablets, Chromebooks, laptops is driving WiFi to no longer be a connection method of convenience but rather the primary connection method for many.

The challenges in legacy WiFi systems are many, and they manifest themselves as such:

  • The inability to deal with high client densities (i.e.,: 20, 40 users per AP have you down? How does 200 per AP sound?)
  • The inability to reject competing radio frequency (RF) signals, as WiFi becomes more popular, you’ll see more conflicting RF (one of our clients in DC sees over 400 Rogue WiFi systems every 24 hours)
  • Unique Authentication requirements for organization owned vs. user owned devices
  • Mobile Devices are just that – not static. Does your WiFi system know where your clients are and is able to send RF to where they are and not where RF is not needed? Can it identify the vertical vs. horizontal orientation of your clients and send RF in a phase correct signal? It makes a > 100% difference in WiFi performance, let us show you on your LAN in your Office/Campus.

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