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Data is growing at an unprecedented rate, and yet traditional storage vendors have failed to keep pace in a cost effective and efficient manner. To compound problems, IT staffing and training budgets have stagnated, necessitating an easily deployed and managed solution. Going full cloud is surprisingly expensive as many of our clients have found out (it’s not just the capacity costs, it’s the transaction fees that break most budgets). Concentus has recognized this problem with many of our clients, and we are proud to say we have found several solutions to these problems. Let us show you how we can solve your data protection challenges.

Is your data growth outstripping your capacity and budgets?

If you need more on-site storage for your data archiving, or security system video feeds, or unstructured content – we can help. Do need a highly dense storage solution, but are concerned about reliability, flexibility, and costs? Have you considered the additional costs required for daily operation, including power, cooling, and rackspace? If so, we have the solution for you. How does nearly 2640 TB in one 44U rack sound? 60TB per U to be exact – the most green and dense solution on the market today, with blistering performance. With solutions starting a 8TB, this dream can be a reality for any budget.

We have multiple offerings and platforms available to provide for both local archiving and remote data vaulting and secure online backups for your organization. Using a variety of platforms, Concentus is able to provide solutions for the small business needing highly efficient and secure file, Exchange, SQL backups to large organizations needing hundreds of terabytes replicated and protected.

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