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Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Not just any server – redundant physical servers, redundant networking, HA SAN based storage… sound out of reach? But when combined with our VMWare vSphere hosted solution you can get pricing similar to commodity dedicated boxes without the numerous single points of failure.

Do you need to extend your organizations network into a professionally hosted infrastructure? Let us show you how, via a private VLAN in our infrastructure, using virtualized servers and IPSec VPN back to your private corporate networks, you can do just this. The possibilities:

  • Virtualized versions of your primary application servers to act as Disaster Recovery (DR) servers at fraction of the cost of buying and colocating your own hardware
  • Existing VMWare user? Let us show you how to efficiently send us encrypted copies of your whole VMDK files so we can restore your whole environment in case of catastrophic loss at your primary site
  • High availability public facing servers which shouldn’t be hosted in your office at the mercy of the fickle power and Single Point of Failure (SPOF) bandwidth at your location
  • Web hosting resellers and developers looking for a stable and highly scalable platform on which to build their business
  • Custom projects which can benefit from a blend of colocated nodes and VMs on private VLANs: colo + HA VMs + FC/IP-SAN + out of state backups = Welcome to High-End VMWare hosting

What it is not: this is not commodity hosting, on low end hardware; not low priced VPS solutions profitable through oversubscription and we do not over-subscribe.

We offer Enterprise class VMWare vSphere virtual server hosting for organizations looking to outsource without compromise

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