Data Center Services

Our Networking

  • Multiple Tier 1 Fiber providers, Layer 2 connectivity is also available. Layer 3 IP connections terminate on multiple Edge Routers running BGP for efficient route selection and provider diversity.
  • Multiple core routers with redunant networking to edge router and core switches
  • Multiple 10G core switching
  • Multipe IPS/UTM Firewalls in Failover Clusters
  • Multiple rack switches (per rack) allowing all racked gear to have no single point of failure from the access layer all the way to the edge.

Our Data Storage

  • Storage infrastructure is multi pathed and Highly Available (HA)
  • Hosted VMs are locally backed up off our Primary SANs to alternate storage platforms and optionally sent to our second datacenter > 500 miles away.
  • Collocation customers can purchase Storage as a Service, and have their iSCSI LUN or NAS share, snapshot’d, locally replicated via synchronous writes, and/or asynchronously replicated over IP to our second datacenter.

About the Datacenter

Our primary Data Center facility is located in Ashburn, Virginia and features one of the most innovative data center architectures in the industry and patented technology. Click HERE for more information

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