Server Virtualization has many benefits:

  • High availability for non clustered applications using base OS licenses
  • Bare metal restorablity to dissimilar hardware
  • Capacity utilization of capex heavy servers and storage
  • Lower power draw and thermal load than an all physical platform
  • Lower TCO for your infrastructure

We have been helping our clients virtualize their core infrastructure since 2007.  As VMware partners and SAN vendors, we are able to supply the software, hardware and expertise for your virtualization effort. Often beginning with a small platform as a proof of concept, to put your skeptical stakeholders at ease, we can scale the effort via new hosts housing new VMs to provide for refreshed containers for your End of Life (EoL) physical hosts, or P2V (physical to virtual) migrations of older hosts that must live on “as is” for legacy software or configuration reasons.

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