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Colocation (Colo) / Managed Colo (Molo)

When uptime, availability, and security matter

When to collocate?

  • Are your mobile knowledge workers having difficulty access your company’s corporate office housed VPN solution?
  • Is your sales staff complaining about the sluggishness of the SharePoint portal?
  • Are your remote workers unable to get consistent evening and weekend access to your corporate LAN due to power and connectivity issues at your office?
  • Are your customer or member intranets straining your office WAN link?
  • Is your data not replicated offsite due to costs constraints?

Then place your critical business servers in our always-up facility and keep your workforce productive and connected.

Why collocate with us?

  • Redundant rack power in diverse A/B feeds
  • Redundant rack switches with dual power feeds
  • Unmetered gigE client vlan traffic, 10GigE available
  • Multiple vlans per client available
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Firewall Services

  • Available to both hosting and m/colo customers. private VLANs for multiple private networks to support your most demanding application. GigE wirespeed VLAN to VLAN routing.
  • Offsite activity logging, IPS (Intrustion Prevention Service), and PCI compliant modes are available.

Storage as a Service

  • Available to both hosted or m/colo customers
  • Block FC or 10G iSCSI storage
  • NAS (NFS/CIFS) via 1 or 10G ethernet
  • Offsite LUN-level replication available
  • Content Addressable Storage (CAS) solutions with replication from us to us, or from you to us.

Server Virtualization

  • If your colocated nodes need additional capacity, we can augment their performance and uptime without additional capex: your physical collocated servers (think SQL boxes) can be augmented via clustering additional VM application servers (think many front end application or webservers on our hosting platform), sharing the load with your physical boxes and providing for increased uptime via session/DNS/application level or load balancer clustering.
  • Graceful end of life: What happens when your collocated server reaches the end of the chassis’ life yet the application is otherwise running strong and stable? Don’t replace the server with another physical box: we can Phyiscal-2-Virtual migrate the server(s) without full rebuilds, allow your software and code to break free of an aging chassis; saving both capital costs and migration labor.

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