Concentus now offers multi-site Secure Archive as a Service

Leveraging the same backend platform trusted by the RCMP and GA State Police, Concentus is offering As-a-Service federated fractional use of the immutable object level storage archive system, for storing and safeguarding your critical unstructured content. Whether health data on staff or students, image/video data needed for trial, or financial documents/pdfs needed for corporate and regulatory compliance. The multi-hashed object based storage with self-healing and ongoing object re-hash and verification, means you know you can get to your content when you need it. Reach out to us and learn how we can reduce your ongoing Tier-1 storage needs by in-place archiving to this system your content; better than backups, nothing to restore, our SAaaS offering hits the mark

Concentus Awarded Contract with Maryland Educational Enterprise Consortium (MEEC)

The new MEEC Hardware Agreement will find contracts that provide a larger number of vendors, a wider range of products, along with a greater variety of hardware categories than in previous contracts. The RFP provided for a more competitive pricing response for each hardware category and by manufacturer within each category. While this adds some complexity to the final results, that complexity is balanced against a significant gain in economic benefit to MEEC members.

Fully executed contracts were renewed with each vendor for the period of March 14, 2015 – March 15, 2017. This is the final year of the agreement. Contracts were awarded through a competitive proposal process, following the USM procurement policies and procedures. Approval was granted by the Board of Regents.

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NBOA Annual Meeting

Concentus is presenting on database unification and data flows in independent schools at the NBOA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA — #NBOA2015 February 22-25, 2015

Bay Bridge Boat Show

Stop by and visit us at the Bay Bridge Boat Show on April 11-13. We will be located in the Main Tent (A) at Booth A-24.