Owner Small Business

On a personal basis, our family has used the services of Concentus for over 8 years and highly recommends them. No request is too big or too small for them to handle it competently and expeditiously. They maintain, update, and enhance both hardware and software, as needed. They also purchase and install hardware and software and are most helpful to those of us who are not really expert in this area. They provide computer software and internet training and they recommend and implement use of other equipment, such as digital cameras and photo, fax, and scanning devices, too. They are just as attentive to their smaller clients as they are to their larger clients and are highly reliable and professional. I recommended Concentus to an educational institution of which I was a trustee, and they were engaged through competitive bidding. Their services helped this institution resolve a number of technical issues and bring it up to the state of the art in its computer facilities. I believe that anyone employing Concentus will be as well satisfied with their services as we have been.